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Ryan Djojokarso | Korzo producties

Multidisciplinary gem about the seemingly unbreakable relationship between mother and child

Choreographer Ryan Djojokarso is fascinated by human relationships and social behavior. With a great sense of humor and a theatrical dance style, he is able to transform large social issues into playful and touching performances. In his latest production Mom:Me the bond between mother and child is central. A bond that cannot be broken in our society, but often shows cracks or is even broken. Taking the changing relationship with his own mother as an example, Ryan creates a multidisciplinary performance in which play, dance and live music go hand in hand in a large setting.

concept & choreography Ryan Djojokarso | dramaturgy Bram Jansen | performance Kalin Morrow, Jochem Eerdekens, Gerty Van de Perre | music Jorg Schellekens, Gerty Van de Perre | voice-over Ryan Djojokarso | light design Ate Jan van Kampen | stage design Davy van Gerven, construced by Edwin Kolpa | assistant choreography Heleen van Gigch | thanks to Jeugdtheater Hofplein, ToneelmakerijMirjam Zwanenburg and mama

Mom:Me is a Korzo production and is made possible thanks to the Nieuwe Makersregeling of the Performing Arts Fund NL and with the support of Scapino Ballet Rotterdam and Zuiderstrandtheater.

duration 60 minutes


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