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Me, Myshelf & I

For Me, MyShelf and I, choreographers are asked to fill a shelf with stories of their artistic identity. In Korzo theatre and Theater aan het Spui a veritable forest of cases arises, filled with books, films, props from performances, visual manifestos, and much more. The choreographers use their creativity to the fullest and create different universes you can wander through and penetrate deeper and deeper.

concept Stacz Wilhelm | realisation choreografen i.s.m. Greta Facchinato

Pop-up stories

The shelves of Me, MyShelf and I serve as a source of inspiration for a mini-performance that students of various art academies will make in the course of one day. Around a performance you just might be treated to a pop-up presentation resulting from this creative pressure cooker with a wide variety of ingredients.

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