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True Colors

Alida Dors | Productiehuis Rotterdam, Silbersee

As one of the most innovative hip-hop choreographers, Alida Dors is constantly in search of the unknown and she builds bridges between dance languages and the audience. Her last production featured a collaboration with language virtuoso Typhoon, now she combines spoken word and vocals together with music theatre company Silbersee. For True Colors she got her inspiration from the so-called tableaux vivants; paintings of families that portray the character of a certain era. Are Facebook and Instagram, where we try to appear at our best, today’s tableaux vivants? With dance, spoken word, vocals, video projections and music, Alida unravels the stories behind the posed images and shows us what we would like to keep hidden.

choreografie and concept Alida Dors | dance Pom Arnold, Bilal Bachir, Donna Chittick, Liza Panjoel, Delano Spenrath | spoken word Guus van der Steen | vocals Maciej Straburzynski | muziek DJ Lovesupreme and muziektheatergezelschap Silbersee | music dramaturgy Maarten van Hinte | projections Manuel Rodrigues and Sara Orfali van deepred.tv | light design André Goos | dance dramaturgy Annette van Zwoll and Peggy Olislaegers

True Colors is a production by Alida Dors, BackBone in collaboration with Productiehuis Rotterdam, muziektheatergezelschap Silbersee, Het Klooster Woerden and Tanzhaus NRW Düsseldorf


Tue 7 February, 18:00 Babel & Co
Tue 7 February, afterwards after talk


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