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Terra Incognita & Bird

Dunja Jocic | Bird Productions, Korzo producties, Grand Theatre

Hallucinatory trip & prize winning film by Dunja Jocic.

Dunja Jocic, for years an eye-catching performer with Club Guy & Roni, surprises as a choreographer with startlingly original dance projects and films. Terra Incognita is a physical and interdisciplinary duet, based on the short story of the same name by Vladimir Nabokov. Friends who have escaped to the tropical hell of Badonia try to reach the unknown land of Gurano Hills. The mission, however, proves fatal. Hallucinations blend with the harsh surroundings and the quest pushes the travelers to their limits. Illness and death are just around the corner and friendships burst apart.

Terra Incognita
choreography, direction, stage design Dunja Jocic | performance Luca Cacitti, Shay Partush | composition Hugo Morales | light design Pavla Beranová | costume design Slavna Martinovic | visuals Marinus Groothof

Terra Incognita is a co-production by Bird Productions and Korzo producties in collaboration with Grand Theatre and is made possible thanks to the support from the Municipality of The Hague, the Municipality of Groningen, de Nieuwe Makers Regeling by Performing Arts Fund NL, Beringer Hazewinkel Foundation and the Amsterdam Fund for the Arts.



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