photo Brooke DiDonato

Ten Noorden van Nergens

Josephine van Rheenen | De Dansers

Based in Utrecht, De Dancers makes furor internationally with compelling physical dance concerts. Ten Noorden van Nergens premiered at Oerol amidst the rugged natural surroundings of Terschelling. Simple rules applied: merciless but sublime. Now at CaDance, this sensational performance will be shown specially at the pop venue Paard van Troje. Four dancers and three musicians throw their bodies in to the fray to escape their lives filled with self-marketing and a sensitivity of trends. Poignant songs engaging with acrobatic dance take turns in quick alternation. They rouse themselves in search of something more basic and try to quiet the voices constantly commenting on everything. But what remains when everything has been thrown overboard?


Choreography Josephine van Rheenen | dance Reut Aviran, Yeli Beurskens, Blazej Jasinski, Noemi Wagner | music (live) Guy Corneille, Daan Crone, Hans Vermunt (La Corneille) | costume and stage design Roos Matla | artistic guidance Moniek Merkx (MAAStd) | technique Chieljan van der Hoek

Ten Noorden van Nergens was realised thanks to the support from the Performing Arts Fund NL, Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds, the Municipality of Utrecht, MAAStd, Janivo Stichting, Fentener van Vlissingen Fonds, kfHein fonds and Palladium Boots

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