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Talkshow: Babel&Co

Babel&Co is the political-cultural talk show of the cultural venues in The Hague. During CaDance we will discuss the relationship between artists and their audiences. Does the audience play any rol in the process of creation, mentaly or in person? We will talk with choreographer Marina Mascarell and visual artist Karine Versluis. Of course we will talk about politics too. We'll look forward to the next national elections and its significance for the (local) arts, with politicians Jasper van Dijk (SP) and Vera Bergkamp (D66). We will look for similarities between artists and politicians - to what extent do visitors of the arts look like voters? will talk about their relationship with their audience. Are there similarities between audience members and voters?

This talkshow will mostly be in Dutch language.

Preceding the performance, a light meal will be available at the Korzo bar after which, you can attend True Colors by Alida Dors.

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