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SOUL #3 Co-creation (preview)

Jérôme Meyer en Isabelle Chaffaud | MC Dance, Korzo producties

A multidisciplinary dance journey and social experiment

In the SOUL series, the choreographer’s duo Jérôme Meyer and Isabelle Chaffaud further deepen the search for man’s true nature. After SOUL #1 where the audience was the center, the public was offered a rare glimpse in the internal world of the dancers in SOUL #2. In SOUL #3 Co-creation, choreographers Meyer and Chaffaud create a temporary mini-society, which includes everyone in the auditorium. In this surprising performance, the duo holds a magnifying glass to what happens between people when they enter into a creative process. SOUL #3 Co-creation is a multidisciplinary dance journey, a social experiment, a danced conference, and also a celebration; with SOUL #3 the duo celebrates 15 years of creating together.

choreography Jérôme Meyer, Isabelle Chaffaud i.s.m met de performers | dance Claire Hermans, Konstantinos Kranidiotis, Yulia Kalinchenko, Diana Senauskaite | concept/direction Jérôme Meyer, Isabelle Chaffaud | light Albert Tulling | text Hans van den Boom

SOUL #3 Co-creation is a Meyer-Chaffaud production in coproduction with Korzo productions and is financially supported by Performing Arts Fund NL and the Municipality of The Hague (NL).

duration 60 minutes

During the creative process, Meyer-Chaffaud stage a series of Creative HUBS where they look forward to having a dialogue with you.


  • Soul #3 Co-creation

    A multidisciplinary dance journey and social experiment
  • Mom:Me

    Multidisciplinary gem about the seemingly unbreakable relationship between mother and child
  • Fields

    Bodies, space, and time, seem to merge in this poetic associative performance

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