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Soul #3 Co-creation

A multidisciplinary dance journey and social experiment

In the SOUL series, the choreographers duo Jérôme Meyer (CH/NL) and Isabelle Chaffaud (FR/NL) further deepen the search for man’s true nature. After SOUL #1 Audience where the audience was the center of attention, the public was offered a rare glimpse in the internal world of the performers in SOUL #2 Performers.

In the surprising SOUL #3 Co-creation, the choreographers hold a magnifying glass to the dynamics of co-creating a performance. What exactly happens when people enter a creation process together?

Isabelle and Jérôme’s personal experiences as dancers, as a couple and as a choreographers duo formed the guideline for Hans van den Boom's performance text.* Whether it is the four powerful dancers, the often recognizable outpourings and reflections or- for those who like to - the interactive element: SOUL # 3 Co-Creation is an intimate, touching performance.

SOUL #3 Co-creation is a multidisciplinary dance journey, a social experiment, a danced conference, and also a celebration; with SOUL #3 the duo celebrates 15 years of working together.

Good to know: 

The makers invite 9-20 audience members to join 20 minutes prior to the show, to reshape a part of the performance on the dancers. Apply by sending your name and mentioning the date you’d like to attend, through info@korzo.nl and you will receive a confirmation. If you attend it is still necessary  to purchase a ticket for the performance.

*Language no problem: the text will be performed in English

concept/direction Jérôme Meyer, Isabelle Chaffaud in collaboration with the performers| choreograpgy Jérôme Meyer, Isabelle Chaffaud in collaboration with the performers | dance Claire Hermans, Konstantinos Kranidiotis, Yulia Kalinchenko, Diana Senauskaite | light Albert Tulling | text Hans van den Boom | costume design Yasmin Boomsma

SOUL #3 Co-creation is a production of Meyer-Chaffaud coproduced by Korzo productions and is made possible with the financial support of Performing Arts Fund and the city of the Hague.

duration 60 minuten



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