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Soul #1 Audience

Jérôme Meyer en Isabelle Chaffaud | Korzo producties, MEYER-CHAFFAUD

SOUL #1 Audience is the first in a series of four SOUL performances, in which Jérôme Meyer and Isabelle Chaffaud will go in search of the true essence of humanity.

The first part revolves around you, the spectator. The production is not just made for the audience, but takes the soul of the audience as its subject. Contemporary dance seamlessly alternates with comedy and text fragments from Voltaire. The performers welcome you into a playful debate on philosophical notions and social themes, and radically shatter the barriers between you.

In their tetralogy, MEYER-CHAFFAUD will research different ways of communicating with the audience, entering into a dialogue and giving depth to the conversation. As part of this quest, they organized a series of ‘Creative HUB Exchanges’ to build up to the premiere of SOUL #1 Audience. In these exchanges they continuously asked individual participants what they expect and desire as part of an audience. The answers were as diverse as the participants. The choreographers considered this to be another testament to the beauty of theatre and dance; the audience finds in a performance what he/she –maybe subconsciously- is looking for.

It is now clear to the duo that the current spectator is ready for new challenges. Ready to be drawn into artistic creations in new ways. It is with this thought that they continue their work with the audience today and in the coming years.

concept, choreography Jérôme Meyer, Isabelle Chaffaud | performance Anne Stam, Alexandra Tuzova, Claire Hermans, Elena Iachininoto, Léa Vinette, Jérôme Meyer, Isabelle Chaffaud | editor, coaching actor Hans van den Boom | light design Albert Tulling

Thanks to the creative participation by Sasha Marusheva, Dasha Kolesnyk, Fedde Peutz, Hennie Spronk, Johan Wijlage, Luna van Arendonk and Yuen Yee Li.

SOUL #1 Audience is a co-production by the MEYER-CHAFFAUD Foundation and Korzo producties and and is made possible thanks to the support from the Performing Arts Fund NL, the Municipality of The Hague, Fund for Cultural Participation, Fonds 1818 en Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds Zuid-Holland.


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