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Amos Ben-Tal | OFFprojects, Korzo producties, ICKamsterdam

An intimate performance installation that gives the concept of time a new meaning

Choreographer and musician Amos Ben-Tal and his collective OFFprojects are known for their multi-disciplinary performances, events, and installations. Their out-of-the-box mentality resulted in unique projects such as the talkshow/concert/dance performance Howl that they made with poet Spinvis. The ingenious performance installation Seconds is part of the larger project 60, where OFFprojects delves into the man-made concept of time. In small groups, the audience enters Club Korzo, which is divided in smaller spaces. Each space contains its own movement and stands for a new encounter. But time is restricted and you are forced to choose. Together with the others you decide within 15 minutes how to experience Seconds.

concept and choreography Amos Ben-Tal | design and artistic advice Yvan Dubreuil | performance Aurélie Cayla, Rubén Garcia Arabit, Luca Cacitti, Wolf Govaerts | special thanks to  Xavier van Wersch 

Seconds is a production of OFFproject in coproduction with Korzo productions and ICKamsterdam and was made possible thanks to Performing Arts Fund NL.

duration 15 minutes


  • Fields

    Bodies, space, and time, seem to merge in this poetic associative performance
  • Mom:Me

    Multidisciplinary gem about the seemingly unbreakable relationship between mother and child

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