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Red Peter

Jitti Chompee | Korzo producties, 18 Monkeys Dance Theatre

In 1917 Franz Kafka wrote Ein Bericht für eine Akademie, which tells of how a monkey named Red Peter loses his freedom in his attempts to become human. The Thai choreographer Jitti Chompee became fascinated by Red Peter’s urge to adapt to humanity. Earlier this year, this fascinating creative artist made a considerable impression with his theatrical use of masks in combination with the Thai dance form ‘Kohn’ and contemporary dance. This preliminary study has now been elaborated to a full-length production in a story full of absurdity and magic. With his expressive, almost sculptural dance language, Chompee explores the limits of freedom. Partitions are lifted between traditional and contemporary and between East and West, to show the possibilities of human transformation in an innovative way.

direction, choreography, costume & set design Jitti Chompee | dance Anucha Sumaman, Benjamin Tardif, Juan Carlos Toledo | light design Jirach Eaim sa-ard | music Max Richter

Red Peter is a co-production by 18 Monkeys Dance Theatre and Korzo producties and is made possible thanks to the support from the Kylián Foundation.



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