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The Protagonist

Dunja Jocic | Bird Productions, Korzo producties, Grand Theatre

A surrealistic performance in which a woman is losing her online and offline identity

Dunja Jocic is one of the most exciting new choreographers in the Netherlands. She received the Prize of the Dutch Dance Festival in 2018. From an equally original as uncompromising view of dance, she creates hallucinatory, cinematic performances with an electrically charged and capriciously virtuoso dance language. In her latest performance The Protagonist we follow a narcissistic young woman who is a computer-addict. She becomes increasingly entangled in the digital world and finds it more and more difficult to maintain herself. In an attempt to get control over her life, she rigorously decides to go offline. Her escape into the analogue world sets off a stream of surreal daydreams, where the present merges with the past in the person of the mythic, violent, and tragic  QueenMary of England a.k.a. Bloody Mary. In an astonishing stream of images the woman fights to protect her identity.

concept, production & choreography Dunja Jocic | performance Dunja Jocic, Christiaan De Donder, Karlijn Roest, Gergo Farkas, Amy Josh, Harry de Wit | composition Harry de Wit | text Barbi Marković | light design Pavla Beranova | costume design Slavna Martinovic | campaign visuals Dennis Duijnhouwer | dramaturgy Marinus Groothof​

The Protagonist is a coproduction of Korzo production, Bird Productions and Grand Theatre Groningen and is powered by Fonds Podiumkunsten, Kunstraad Groningen, Fonds 21, Stichting Dioraphte en Prins Bernard Cultuurfonds.

duration 60 minutes


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