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The Nonsense Society

Jasper van Luijk | Korzo producties

Schuberts longing

Jasper van Luijk delved into the life of composer Franz Schubert, who led a tough and short life. But he was also a man who was passionate about society. The central theme of this performance is desire. The desire that can be heard in Schubert's work, his desire for better conditions, his desire for beauty. The desire for what has not been achieved and what might be unattainable. Inspired by this longing, Jasper reflects, together with his dancers and cellist Antonis Pratsinakis, on the life of Schubert. Compositions by Schubert are torn apart and merged with compelling new works by Antonis.

concept Jasper van Luijk | choreography Jasper van Luijk in partnership with the artists | dance Andrea Hackl and Mark Christoph Klee | composition, live performance Antonis Pratsinakis | text development Martin Rombouts | dramaturgy & support Sjoerd Vreugdenhil | light design Bas Vissers | costumes Carlijn Patermeijer | special thanks to Stacz Wilhelm, Leo Spreksel

The Nonsense Society is a Korzo production and is made possible by the Performing Arts Fund NL and the municipality of The Hague.

from the press

Gradually and beautifully, the past merges with the present. Schubert is mixed with a new composition, acoustics are exchanged for electronic compositions and the projected text could just as well be
about an artist's life and love in modern times’ 
de Volkskrant ****


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