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Emanuel Gat | ICKamsterdam

The mechanism behind a choreography revealed in surprisingly serene performance

Creating a dance performance requires making an infinite amount of choices, but which are the right ones? Together with the dancers of ICKamsterdam, the Israeli choreographer, musician, and photographer Emanuel Gat goes in search of the mechanism behind choreography. In Next, the dancers decide their own movements. After each step follows the question: what’s next? In this surprisingly serene performance, they create an inimitable algorithm with their intuition and physical intelligence, and it seems as if they are gently persuaded to discover themselves and the power of their vulnerability.

choreography & lights Emanuel Gat performance Arad Inbar, Edward Lloyd, Sophia Dinkel, Sedrig Verwoert, Kim Amankwaa, Hannah Kriesmair, Maxine van Lishout | costumes Clifford Portier | choreography assistence Milena Twiehaus, Genevieve Osborne | sound design Emanuel Gat

Next is a ICKamsterdam production in collaboration with Emanuel Gat Dance.

duration 60 minutes

At 19:00 hrs there will be an introduction by Jesse Verhoeck.

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