photo Marlous van der Sloot

"it is like a large animal deep in sleep"

Marina Mascarell Martinez | Korzo producties, Dance forum Taipei, Skånes Dansteater

After the hit performance The Unreality of Time during  the 2013 CaDance Festival, Marina Mascarel  was praised for its enchanting images, languid poetry, and powerful nuance. In 2015 she won the prestigious BNG Award. In her new piece “it is like a large animal deep in sleep”, she now reacts to the current state of society. Surrounded by fifty cardboard boxes, three dancers ask what we can do to really exercise influence in society. They invite you to contribute. “it is like a large animal deep in sleep” is a poetic performance about basic but essential daily activities, and about the great philosophical issues such as the wish to be free. It appeals to the senses to stay awake and alert and not to remain numb. 

choreography  Marina Mascarell in collaboration with the whole team | dance Maud de la Purification/Yu Fen Huang (Fish), James O'Hara, David Essing | music Yamila Ríos | dramaturgy Luz Lassizuk | choreography assistant Sandra Navarro | light design Loes Schakenbos | stage design, costumes Marina Mascarell

original cast Yu Fen HuangJames O'Hara, David Essing
cast Skånes Dansteater (2016) Sara ÅhmanAnette JellneMaria Pilar AbaurreaBrittanie BrownMatthew BadeRiccardo ZandonaCamille MarchadourKit Brown

“it is like a large animal deep in sleep” is a quotation from the poem what can we do? by Charles Bukowski ©Linda Lee Bukowski.

“it is like a large animal deep in sleep” is a coproduction of Korzo, Skånes Dansteater (Malmö) and Dance Forum Taipei and is financially supported by the Ministry of Culture Taiwan (R.O.C.) and the Performing Arts Fund NL.

from the press

“the set is genius.” (****)

“clever and funny” (NRC Handelsblad)

"Mascarell and Rios conquer Taiwan with this show." (


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