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Giovanni's Room

Ryan Djojokarso | Korzo producties

Ryan Djojokarso inspired by a James Baldwin book.

As one of the leading authors of the 20th century, James Baldwin denounced important racial and sexual misdeeds. Choreographer Ryan Djojokarso sought inspiration for his new performance in his book Giovanni’s Room (1956). The American David is about to marry Hella, but falls deeply in love with the Italian Giovanni in Paris. We follow David through the night leading up to the most horrible morning of his life, when his lover will be gone forever. A dance unfolds where soft intimacy, masculine camaraderie, sexual tension, and an all-consuming self-hatred struggle to prevail. What happens to you, when you are so afraid that you can no longer love?

'His touch could never fail to make me feel desire; yet his hot, sweet breath also made me want to vomit.' uit: Giovanni’s Room, James Baldwin (1956)

choreography Ryan Djojokarso | concept, idea Ryan Djojokarso & Bram Jansen | performance Christiaan De DonderMiguel Do ValeGerty Van de Perre | sound design Jorg Schellekens | light design Ate Jan van Kampen | dramaturgy Peter Anthonissen | light and stage design Ate Jan van Kampen | stage building Edwin Kolpa | texts from Giovanni’s Room, James Baldwin (1956) | voice Arthur Rosenfeld | photo Robert Benschop (campaign image), Rob Hogeslag (scène photography) | thanks to Nathalie Décory, Eline Hocqué | premiere 9 February 2017, CaDance Festival, Korzo theater, The Hague (NL)

Giovanni's Room is a Korzo production.


  • The Protagonist

    A surrealistic performance in which a woman is losing her online and offline identity
  • Cantata

    An intensely physical trio about man’s constant process of transition
  • W - Samir Calixto

    Cross-fertilization between dance, music, and philosophy full of power, fury and vulnerability

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