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Astrid Boons | Korzo producties

Bodies, space, and time, seem to merge in this poetic associative performance

Choreographic talent Astrid Boons danced with Dansgroep Amsterdam, Nederlands Danstheater 2, and the GöteborgsOperans Danskompani before embarking on a career as a choreographer. Two years ago, Korzo introduced this brand-new talent to the Dutch public; she burst on the scene with a fresh and distinctive voice with an original, very precise and intensely felt movement language. She was overwhelming in the equally intense as intriguing duets Rhizoma and Vestige and created her first full length production Fields in 2019.

In Astrid’s work roles or ideas are not portrayed, the movement comes directly from the emotional and physical state of the dancer. The spectator is closely involved as a witness to the transformations the dancers go through and this creates a new form of accessibility. In the poetic and abstract Fields the dancers merge with their surroundings. Bodies, space, and time seem to become transparent and break through each other’s boundaries. The question posed by Astrid Boons is, “What is the body in which we find ourselves?” Her aim is to discover, through physical experience, how we exist with and next to one another in an ever-renewing coexistence. In this sensual performance, the dancers lose themselves and seem only to exist as matter in dialogue with other elements. In an interplay of dance, music, and light, Fields creates images that stimulate all the senses and steal away associations that slip away as soon as you grasp them.

choreography and concept Astrid Boons | performance David Ledger, Carolina Mancuso, Karolina Szymura, Christian Nujster | composition Miguelángel Clerc Parada | light design Bas Vissers | costumes Min Li | dramaturgical advice Fabienne Vegt

Fields is a Korzo production and is financially supported by Performing Arts Fund NL.

from the press

'Well conceived, beautifully constructed, and perfectly balanced; There was not a scene that felt superfluous.' - de Volkskrant★★★★

'Astrid Boons impresses with its very intriguing duet.' - Theaterkrant


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