Oh Boy!

Double bill: They/Them + Oh Boy!

A new generation of dance makers show personal stories in powerful debut performances

Sedrig Verwoert and Christiaan De Donder are both beautiful, successful dancers, queer, and black. Inside and outside of their work, they regularly encounter racism, toxic masculinity and homophobia. They found each other in a common dance language to bring these subjects to the stage. They/Them is an autobiographical, extremely well-danced, and at the same time, emotional performance where they completely embrace their identity.

Antonin Rioche danced with leading choreographers such as Sacha Walz, Olivier Dubois, and Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui. The latter encouraged him to make a piece. In a search for the difference between alone and lonely, Rioche took his travelling life as a dancer as a point of departure. He created the poetic Oh Boy! for former NDT dancer Benjamin Behrend, who has to move in situations of disaster and physical and mental exhaustion. He is forced to accept his vulnerability and finds the essence of loneliness.

choreography and performance  Sedrig Verwoert & Christiaan De Donder

Oh Boy!
choreography Antonin Rioche | performance Benjamin Behrend

duration 65 minutes (incl. intermission)

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