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De Sprookjeskoningin

DUDAPAIVA COMPANY, Jong Nederlands Blazers Ensemble

A contemporary fairy tale with puppets and music that’s a treat for your senses

De Sprookjeskoninging (The Fairy Queen) was shown in theatres last season and returns following great acclaim. To the sounds of the beautifully moving music by Henry Purcell, played by seven musicians from the Jong Nederlands Blazers Ensemble, the puppets of the Duda Paiva Company create a festive, absurdly comical, and sometimes dark and sinister universe. Titania and Oberon from Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream do what they can to find true love and this causes much confusion and misunderstanding. The astonishing De Sprookjeskoningin gives a contemporary twist to this age-old story and lets children and parents alike laugh out loud.

concept Bart Schneemann, Duda Paiva | music Henry Purcell | adaptation Hans van der Heide | direction Duda Paiva | dramaturgy Kim Kooiman | players zang/dance/puppets Francesca Lanza / Linde Schinkel, Ilija Surla, Alex Brouwer, Rick Zwart | soundscape Wilco Alkema | lights Mark Verhoef | decor Daniel Patijn | repetitor Ederson Xavier | production Marijana Mikolcic | musicians theorbe David Mackor, flute Rosanne van Bers, clarinet Sophie Schreurs, saxophone Mateusz Pusiewicz, trumpet Hans de Munnik, bass trombone Berend van Gurp, contrabas Daniel de Boer

De Sprookjeskoningin is a coproduction of the Nederlands Blazers Ensemble and Duda Paiva Company and is financially supported by Performing Arts Fund NL, the Amsterdam Fund for the Arts (AFK) and the municipality of Amersfoort (NL).

duration 60 minutes

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