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Cinema CaDance: The Symmetry Project

Lukáš Timulak, Claron McFadden, Ruben van Leer | CTM Pictures, Juliette Stevens

The Symmetry Project
The Symmetry Project is a special project on the intersection of dance, opera, cinema, and science. The project consists of a feature film and a documentary.

In the prizewinning film Symmetry, CERN scientist Lukas is ardently in search of elementary particles and the theory of everything. Then the voice of a mysterious woman leads him to the moment before the Big Bang and lets him experience timeless love.
2015 | 29 min

Symmetry Unravelled
Juliette Stevens followed the creative process of Symmetry and spoke with the artists and with famous scientists such as Robbert Dijkgraaf. She shows where art and science overlap: in making the invisible tangible, the elementary, where the concepts of time and space acquire a new meaning.
2015 | 25 min


15:00introduction The Symmetry Project
15:20Symmetry and Symmetry Unravelled
16:20aftertalk with Ruben van Leer and Lukáš Timulak

scenario, direction Ruben van Leer | choreograpy, dance Lukáš Timulak | soprano Claron McFadden | composer Joep Franssens | sound composition Henry Vega | libretto Stan Lapinski | dramaturgion Martin Butler | costume design Anne de Grijff | director of photography Paul Ozgur | visual effects supervision Tom Geraedts | art director Judith Veenendaal | production designer Barnaby Monk | generative art Cedric Kiefer | documentary Juliette Stevens | producer CTM Pictures

The project is supported by the partners Arts@CERN, TRUTH.IO, NTR Het Uur van de Wolf, Operator, Korzo producties, Nederlands Dans Theater, Microsoft, VICE The Creator’s Project and is made possible thanks to the support from Arts@CERN, Nederlands Filmfonds, Cobo, Mediafonds, Stimuleringsfonds, Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunsten en Fonds 21.

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