foto film Interlude en Shai

Cinema CaDance: Interlude & Shai

Jelena Kostić, Shailesh Bahoran, Marina Mascarell Martinez | Harrie Verbeek, Shueti, Xabier Iriondo

In the short dance film Interlude, the main character battles for her ideas with strength and vulnerability. She dances for acceptance through the loneliness her passion sometimes brings. The film was shown at numerous international festivals and won the award for Best Choreography at the Film Art Dance Festival in North Carolina.
2015 | 10 min

Homing tells the story of a girl brought up by a pack of wolves and who returns into the civilized world of a city. On her journey she comes across different characters that have a lasting impact on her life and behavior.
2014 | 29 min

Our roots lay in history and also form the foundation for the future. In Shai, hip hop dancer and choreographer Shailesh Bahoran – who, for his work, often finds inspiration in his Hindustani background – goes in search of the effect of earlier and future lives on his personality today together with the experimental film maker Shueti.
2016 | 10 min


15:00 Interlude Jelena Kostić & harrie Verbeek
15:10 Homing Marina Mascarell & Xabier Iriondo
15:40 introduction on Shai
16:00 Shai Shailesh Bahoran & Shueti (voorpremière)
16:15 aftertalk

direction Harrie Verbeek | choreography Jelena Kostić | production Monne Tuinhout | dance Judit Ruiz Onandi, Błażej Jasiński, Marleen van Uden, Marieke Monquil, Lili Kok, Helena Araujo, Julie Querre | camera Marc de Meijer | editing Sander Kuipers | grading & compositions The Compound Interlude is a production by Stiching Kostić in co-production with Branded Cinema and DansBrabant

script, direction Xabier Iriondo | choreography Marina Mascarell | original music Iñigo Ugarteburu | producent Iñaki Sagastume | cinematography Alberto Pareja

concept, choreography Shailesh Bahoran | direction Shueti 

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