Arrangement 5. Transformers

This evening we celebrate the new voices in dance. Korzo’s production house is constantly in search of exciting new creative artists. One of these remarkable new voices is Astrid Boons, who creates her first full-length production for CaDance. Other choreographers that made an impression with their debut performances are Antonin Rioche and Christiaan De Donder & Sedrig Verwoert. What connects these artists, is that the transformation between different physical and mental states of being becomes tangible in their works. This makes them able to deeply move the audience. With an introduction by dancer/dramaturg Yvan Dubreuil.

Program in Korzo

17.30 – 19.00    diner + inleiding Yvan Dubreuil
Restaurant Floc
19.30 – 20.45Christiaan De Donder & Sedrig Verwoert / Antonin Rioche Double bill
Korzo studio
21.00 – 22.00Astrid Boons Fields
Korzo zaal
22.00Afterparty CaDance


  • Fields

    Bodies, space, and time, seem to merge in this poetic associative performance

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