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CaDance Festival

Korzo presents the biannual CaDance Festival: the festival for modern dance in The Hague. CaDance is the premiere festival filled with sparkling new dance by up-and-coming talents and leading choreographers in the Netherlands. The 17th edition took place from 30 January until 15 February 2015.

See you in 2017!

Roots & Routes offers professional hip-hop talent the opportunity to develop their artistic ambitions and let their voice be heard through dance, music, and spoken word. They have helped a new generation of creatives with widely varying styles to storm the theatres. For Mind Ur Step, they entered into an international partnership with bridge-builders from the urban dance scene in Belgium, Germany, and France. Led by the famous Kader Attou and Nabil Oelhadj from France, and the Dutch pioneer Lloyd Marengo, eleven dancers present an ode to hip-hop in its purest form. Together they delve into the origins of hip-hop and connect past and future of this art form in ascension in an energetic performance. Universal, personal, powerful, and tenderly, they reach the essence.

In 1917 Franz Kafka wrote Ein Bericht für eine Akademie, which tells of how a monkey named Red Peter loses his freedom in his attempts to become human. The Thai choreographer Jitti Chompee became fascinated by Red Peter’s urge to adapt to humanity. Earlier this year, this fascinating creative artist made a considerable impression with his theatrical use of masks in combination with the Thai dance form ‘Kohn’ and contemporary dance. This preliminary study has now been elaborated to a full-length production in a story full of absurdity and magic. With his expressive, almost sculptural dance language, Chompee explores the limits of freedom. Partitions are lifted between traditional and contemporary and between East and West, to show the possibilities of human transformation in an innovative way.

Dunja Jocic, for years an eye-catching performer with Club Guy & Roni, surprises as a choreographer with startlingly original dance projects and films. Terra Incognita is a physical and interdisciplinary duet, based on the short story of the same name by Vladimir Nabokov. Friends who have escaped to the tropical hell of Badonia try to reach the unknown land of Gurano Hills. The mission, however, proves fatal. Hallucinations blend with the harsh surroundings and the quest pushes the travelers to their limits. Illness and death are just around the corner and friendships burst apart.

ICK supports talented choreographers in their development of new work. Two of these present their newest performances in a fascinating double bill. With Attitude No 1 ft. Balanxinebaby, Florentina Holzinger draws you into a world full of camp and kitsch. Using irony and absurdism, relations based on power and concepts like masculinity and femininity are effectively undermined. In the stirring Together_till the end by Arno Schuitemaker, two dancers become entirely absorbed in their movements. To rock-solid beats and surrounded by pulsating light, they sink with their turning upper bodies so deeply into an impalpable yet crystal-clear trance, that the audience can feel it's physically.

The kitchen is the warm beating heart behind the scenes of the Korzo theatre. This is the place where people cook, talk, drink, and where dancers, actors and technical staff have meals together before the start of the performance. The Korzo program De Keuken van… is becoming a phenomenon. Artists invite the public to join them for three-course diner full of surprises and interesting encounters. Specially for CaDance, we asked choreographer Arthur Rosenfeld to put together a menu and program. 

Arthur established his own distinct form of dance theatre for a young audience from the mid-nineties. This headstrong icon is going to stop. But not for real. This end is only a new beginning, and he invites friends, former dancers, choreographers, veterans, and young creatives to celebrate his career. After his performance Exit, pursued by a bear, you can join him at the dinner table.



Borsch (meat & vega)
Potato latkes with dips

Main dish

Cholent (beef & vega)
Kasha Vernishkas
with: grilled parsnip, pickled radish, sweetened sweet potato


Vareniki with cherries

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