Zahira Suliman

Zahira Suliman graduated from Codarts in 2016. Since the age of 17 she was associated with Korzo where she worked with various creatives and created her exam choreography Disinhibitionalism for Crosstown. She was nominated in 2016 for the Haagse Piket Kunstprijzen in the category dance. For the CaDance festival 2019 she created the solo Recall for the location project 4x4: My Story. A solo about what we forgot, but what our body remembers. Because of her choreographic talent Korzo invited her for the program Here we live and now where up-and-coming choreographers from The Hague create a short performance.

Zahira is fascinated by the sincerity of dance as pure language that goes beyond words. Energy and intention are defining qualities for her during the creative process of a performance. In her performances, Zahira strives for the creation of question marks, without giving answers.

The city of The Hague forms the attractive setting for the location project 4x4, that has grown into a valued tradition with CaDance. This time four young artists have settled down in the Archipelbuurt where The Hague’s greatest storyteller, Louis Couperus, found his inspiration. The stately neighbourhood, built in the 19th century, stands in strong contrast to these choreographers, firmly rooted in today’s society and deeply invested in diverse dance styles: modern, urban, and Indian dance. They bring their own personal stories in short choreographies to monumental buildings and hip hotspots. You’re almost close enough to touch the dancers in these attractive miniatures that offer a new perspective on The Hague and on the dance.

4x4: My Story is a unique CaDance route where you will walk through The Hague with a guide and meet dance at four different locations.

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