Shailesh Bahoran

Shailesh Bahoran is a versatile hip-hop dancer and choreographer who distinguishes himself through his phenomenal technique, originality and expression. He has firm roots in the hip-hop culture but is certainly not afraid to think outside the box. ‘In the end it’s all dance’ according to Bahoran. 

At the end of the nineties the breakdance virus took hold of him. He mastered various styles: b-boying, locking and popping and made a name for himself and for his crew Illusionary Rockaz in the battle circuit. In 2002, Shailesh and the Rockaz created the first Dutch hip-hop dance performance Age of Chaos. Since then he has become a much sought-after dancer, coach, and choreographer in the theater scene. He has worked with The Dutch National Ballet, Don’t Hit Mama, The Netherlands Symphony Orchestra, Korzo and the Amsterdam Academy for the Arts. Since 2011, Shailesh is connected with the crossover dance company ISH as a dancer and choreographer. In 2013 he received the New Makers subsidy from Performing Arts Fund NL, which helped him start an intensive research trajectory with Korzo, ISH, and Spin OFF. He created several successful productions in which he used his Hindustani background as a source of inspiration.

In October 2017, Shailesh was awarded the Prize of the Dutch Dance Days Maastricht: 'With integrity and respect Bahoran emphasizes the power of individuality.’ For his work Ignite he, together with ISH, received the Prize of the Dutch Dance Days Internationalization.

Hip-hop, vogueing, popping, breakdance, waacking… urban dance has found its way to the theatres and the public its way to urban dance. With Urban Routes, you can attend two new performances on Sunday afternoon. Hip-hop innovator Shailesh Bahoran created an impressive solo about the unusual life of breakdance phenomena Redouan Ait Chitt. In Mind Ur Step, 11 dancers from France, the Netherlands, Germany, and Belgium present an ode to hip-hop. In an energetic performance they connect the roots with the future of this art form in ascendance. The afternoon starts off with a lecture on urban dance by André ‘Drosha’ Gherkov, the driving force behind the experimental dance festival Open Your Mind.

At birth Redouan Ait Chitt, also known as REDO, is already behind 6-0. Without any medical explanation his body had strange abnormalities. Redouan doesn’t believe in limitations, he does believe in himself and becomes an internationally renowned breakdancer and motivational speaker. Shailesh Bahoran, one of the important innovators in hip-hop dance and winner of the Prize of the Dutch Dance Festival Maastricht 2017, was so taken with this phenomenal dancer that he asked REDO to go into the studio with him. The result is a sensational performance about adversity, will power, authenticity, and motivation pushing the limits of breakdance. It is a performance about the life of REDO, portrayed by the only person who can do that, Redouan himself.

In the short dance film Interlude, the main character battles for her ideas with strength and vulnerability. She dances for acceptance through the loneliness her passion sometimes brings. The film was shown at numerous international festivals and won the award for Best Choreography at the Film Art Dance Festival in North Carolina.
2015 | 10 min

Homing tells the story of a girl brought up by a pack of wolves and who returns into the civilized world of a city. On her journey she comes across different characters that have a lasting impact on her life and behavior.
2014 | 29 min

Our roots lay in history and also form the foundation for the future. In Shai, hip hop dancer and choreographer Shailesh Bahoran – who, for his work, often finds inspiration in his Hindustani background – goes in search of the effect of earlier and future lives on his personality today together with the experimental film maker Shueti.
2016 | 10 min


15:00 Interlude Jelena Kostić & harrie Verbeek
15:10 Homing Marina Mascarell & Xabier Iriondo
15:40 introduction on Shai
16:00 Shai Shailesh Bahoran & Shueti (voorpremière)
16:15 aftertalk

In 2017, the exciting location project 4x4 will be staged for the third time; again the project will show you The Hague in a totally unorthodox way. This time, the walking tour weaves through the Old Town Center, a dynamic urban district full of history, creativity, and entrepreneurship. A diverse group of choreographers and artists are invited to create performances for four special locations. Let yourself be carried away on this journey of discovery, where you experience the performers up close and get a new and challenging perspective on dance and this dazzling ever-changing part of the city.

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