Dunja Jocic

Dunja Jocic (Belgrade, 1978) started training in rhythmic gymnastics as a child, and was the youngest competitor at the 1992 World Cup in Brussels. She was part of the Olympic Team until 1996. She had to stop competing due to the closing of borders following political tensions in former Yugoslavia. However, she found a substitute when she enrolled in the ballet school Lujo Davico in Belgrade. She went on to study at the Rotterdam Dance Academy. Since then she has been working as a freelance dancer.

Dunja has danced with a.o. Club Guy and Roni, Ballet du Nord (France), Emio Greco / PC, and started to collaborate with theatre director Nikola Zavisic as choreographer for numerous theatre productions (Serbian National Theatre, Belgrade National Theatre, Yugoslavian National theatre).

In 2007, Dunja made her first work No flowers, please, for which she was awarded Best Choreography, Public Award and Special Award for Innovation at the Festival of Choreographic Miniatures in Belgrade. The same festival commissioned her to create the full-length production Not Me, together with Grand Theatre in Groningen. In 2011, her short film Mirroring won the Best Short Film at the Belgrade Documentary and Short Film Festival, and other awards at Jumping Frames Festival, Ficbueu FF Spain, and Thessaloníki International Short Film Festival. In 2012, Dunja was commissioned to create Sonnet 66 - Shakespeare for Bitef Dance Company in Belgrade. In 2013, she was nominated for the Swan ‘most impressive dance performance’ for her role in Midnight Rising by Guy & Roni. Her second film Bird premiered at the Netherlands Film Festival 2015 and competed for a Golden Calf. Her production Don’t talk to me in my sleep premiered the same year during the festival Noorderzon in Groningen. In 2016 she received the BNG Bank Dance Prize for Excellent Talent, and choreographed La Mode, a piece by Tomoko Mukaiyama danced by Spellbound Dance Company in Rome. This piece premiered at the opening of the National Taichung Theatre in Taiwan.


This year, choreographer Stephen Shropshire won the most important prize in Dutch dance: the Swan ‘most impressive dance production’ with the performance We Are Nowhere Else But Here which he created for CaDance 2017. Dunja Jocic is one of the most exciting new choreographers in the Netherlands. In 2017 she won the BNG Bank Prize and in 2018 the Prize of the Dutch Dance Festival. Both prizewinners created a new performance for CaDance 2019. We celebrate this fact in Celebrating Dance. Preceding the performance you are invited to witness a special moment; it will be the first time that the Leo Spreksel Award is given to a young talent by the former artistic director of Korzo himself.

Dunja Jocic is one of the most exciting new choreographers in the Netherlands. She received the Prize of the Dutch Dance Festival in 2018. From an equally original as uncompromising view of dance, she creates hallucinatory, cinematic performances with an electrically charged and capriciously virtuoso dance language. For The Protagonist she works together with the renowned Dutch composer Harry de Wit and the young pop art writer Barbi Marković. We follow a narcissistic young woman who is a computer-addict. She becomes increasingly entangled in the digital world and finds it more and more difficult to maintain herself. In an attempt to get control over her life, she rigorously decides to go offline. Her escape into the analogue world sets off a stream of surreal daydreams, where the present merges with the past in the person of the mythic, violent, and tragic  QueenMary of England a.k.a. Bloody Mary. In an astonishing stream of images the woman fights to protect her identity.

Tonight we celebrate new voices in the world of dance. In Korzo’s production house, dance is developed, cherished, and celebrated. Korzo is in constant search of new exciting creatives in the Netherlands and from abroad. We start the evening with the Thai choreographer Jitti Chompee who made an impression during his residency at Korzo last year. He begins with an inspiring Lecture Demonstration where he takes us to his sources of inspiration and work approach. After a collective dinner we attend Chompee’s performance Red Peter and then Terra Incognita by Duna Jocic, a choreographer who surprises with startlingly original dance projects and films.

Program Theater aan het Spui

17:15 - 18:00 Lecture Demonstration Jitti ChompeeTahS, studio
18:00 - 19:15 dinner by 's-Peer CateringTahS, foyer
19:30 - 20:30 Jitti Chompee Red PeterTahS, Zaal 1
20:30 - 21:00 intermission 
21:00 - 22:00 Dunja Jocic Terra Incognita & BirdTahS, Zaal 2
22:10 - 22:30 after talk with Dunja Jocic 
from 22:00 CaDance AfterpartyKorzo


Dunja Jocic, for years an eye-catching performer with Club Guy & Roni, surprises as a choreographer with startlingly original dance projects and films. Terra Incognita is a physical and interdisciplinary duet, based on the short story of the same name by Vladimir Nabokov. Friends who have escaped to the tropical hell of Badonia try to reach the unknown land of Gurano Hills. The mission, however, proves fatal. Hallucinations blend with the harsh surroundings and the quest pushes the travelers to their limits. Illness and death are just around the corner and friendships burst apart.

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