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CaDance 2019 offers a richly diverse pallet of new stories by today’s dance makers

25 January - 9 February 2019 in The Hague

The 19th edition of the CaDance festival shows the current developments in the rich Dutch dance scene with a program that includes no less than 11 world premieres and 2 Dutch premieres. From 25 January thru 9 February, leading and up-and-coming dance makers share their perspective on the world with a wide-ranging audience. The festival opens with two world premieres by prominent Dutch choreographers: Samir Calixto and Ryan Djojokarso. With the festival theme New Stories, CaDance highlights new stories told in the language of the body: by today’s artists for today’s public about the world we live in today. The festival theme is also completely interwoven into the popular 4x4 that takes the public on a dance route through The Hague.

This edition of the multi-facetted CaDance festival reflects the almost boundless diversity and freedom with which artists currently cross styles, disciplines, and perspectives. Many dance styles are represented in performances by young makers as well as leading choreographers. The 4x4 program harbours exclusively young choreographic talent that was invited to share their personal New Stories. The stately 19th century Archipelbuurt in The Hague forms a stark contrast with the four makers who have their roots in a diversity of dance styles: vogueing/waacking (Junadry Leocaria), contemporary dance (Zahira Suliman), breakdance (Simon Bus), and Indian dance (Poernima Gobardhan).

Opening with world premieres by Ryan Djojokarso and Samir Calixto
CaDance opens 25 January with two world premiere by Samir Calixto and Ryan Djojokarso. In his work, Djojokarso proceeds from a fascination for human relationships and social behaviour. In Mom:Me, he explores the fragility of the bond between mother and child. Calixto completes his diptych based on the ever-topical philosophy of Nietzsche that transcends fundamental oppositions such as good and evil and man and woman, in order to put human potential in a broader perspective. After the lyrical M for five men from 2017, follows W for five female dancers.

Other premieres
Also premiering in the festival are new productions by: Stephen Shropshire (Cantata), Dunja Jocic (The Protagonist), Astrid Boons (Fields), Sarada Sarita (Q4) and the installation Seconds by Amos Ben-Tal/OFFprojects. International performances that premiere in The Netherlands are: Mind Ur Step by Roots & Routes (in co production with MAAS td (NL), KVS (BE), R&R Cologne (DU) en CIE Racines Carrées (FR), and Liederduett, by Compagnia Zappalà Danza (IT). The latter company is part of the European Danse Qui Danse Network, which Korzo initiated together with several partners in 2017.

Urban Stories
One of the important developments shown by CaDance 2019 is the breakthrough of the second generation of urban dance makers, impatient to storm the theatres with their new stories. With its multiplicity of new styles, urban dance is a catalyst of innovation in contemporary dance. Urban choreographers making their debut in the festival are: Sarada Sarita, Simon Bus, Junadry Leocaria and Xclusiv Artistry. Roots & Routes present the Dutch premiere of the European urban project Mind Ur Step with 11 dancers from France, Belgium, Germany, and the Netherlands that made a performance with ground-breaking choreographers Kader Attou (FR), Nabil Ouelhadj (FR) and Lloyd Marengo (NL).

Tickets sales for the CaDance Festival start end of November. At that time the complete program will also be announced. 

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