About Korzo

Korzo has a reputation for being an adventurous venue in the old city center of The Hague, but also for being one of the largest production houses for the dance in the Netherlands. After a major renovation of the building in the Prinsestraat Korzo finally comes home!

As an entrepreneur in the field of the arts, Korzo has always made a strong case for seeking out, mobilizing, and supervising talent. Korzo also takes initiatives to foster new developments in the performing arts. From a vision regarding content, Korzo creates a fruitful relationship between production and presentation, and between different artistic disciplines. With a broad outlook, Korzo places this vision in an international context, and, at the same time, in dialogue with the audience. Inspiration, vitality, involvement, openness, diversity and encounter are of paramount importance, and are traits with which we try to bring out the best in the artists and their projects, in the audience, and in the organization itself.

The conglomerate of buildings that used to be Korzo theatre had to be redefined. A new alliance had to be forged that represented the heart and vision of Korzo: making art and showing that art to the public in one building. Korzo is squarely set in the world of today while glancing at the horizon for the society of tomorrow.

That which Korzo holds dear, we want to share with as many people as possible. We want to build bridges with our audience, the people who love art right now and those that will learn to love it in the future. Korzo has translated its vision for the future in a concept for the space and accommodations of the new theatre in which we will gladly entertain you.

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