• W - Samir Calixto

    Cross-fertilization between dance, music, and philosophy full of power, fury and vulnerability
  • Seconds

    An intimate performance installation that gives the concept of time a new meaning
  • Mom:Me

    Multidisciplinary gem about the seemingly unbreakable relationship between mother and child
  • 4x4: My Story

    Personal stories in a dance route through the stately Archipelbuurt and Willemspark
  • De Sprookjeskoningin

    A contemporary fairy tale with puppets and music that’s a treat for your senses
  • Q4: Quantified

    A powerful statement on the human tendency toward narrow-mindedness
  • SOUL #3 Co-creation (preview)

    A multidisciplinary dance journey and social experiment

    A poetic two-part performance with vocal music and dance about the ancient story of the first murder
  • Unboxing Ballet

    The greatest Dutch ballet talents dance in new and classical repertoire
  • Cantata

    An intensely physical trio about man’s constant process of transition
  • REDO

    Powerful performance about the unusual life of breakdance phenomena Redouan Ait Chitt
  • The Protagonist

    A surrealistic performance in which a woman is losing her online and offline identity
  • Mind Ur Step

    Spectacular ode by 11 dancers to hip-hop in its purest form
  • Hope & Heavy Metal

    Anarchistically extrovert, and restrained solo breaks with conventions concerning the female body
  • The Beauty of Falling Apart

    Two radically different solos by two choreographers and their shared passion
  • Next

    The mechanism behind a choreography revealed in surprisingly serene performance
  • Fields

    Bodies, space and time seem to blend in poetic, associative performance
  • Double bill: They/Them + Oh Boy!

    A new generation of dance makers show personal stories in powerful debut performances
  • Behind The iMASQ

    An urgent appeal to take off our masks and free ourselves of cultural, sexual, religious, and social conventions.
  • Mechanical Ecstacy

    A spectacular rave performance where party and performance merge