Check out the CaDance 2017 program.

The many excellent Dutch dance films are proof of the fact that dance and cinema are a good match. On Saturday afternoons, CaDance offers specially compiled dance cinema programs. 

Choreographers give a unique look into their minds during the creative process by opening the studio to curious visitors. They eagerly show their work in progress and invite you to enter in to a dialogue with them. 

Immerse yourself in the CaDance experience with these festival package deals. Starting with a delicious meal, meet & greets with artists and attending two performances or a Super Lecture and a performance. A great way to get through the cold winter evenings.

The package deals with dinner are on sale online until one day before the event.

In addition to the performances CaDance also offers Talk & Shows; meetings with artists, introductions, post performance talks, open studio visits, Super Lectures and package deals with dinners. After many performances, we open the dialogue in a relaxed atmosphere, where you can share your experiences with the dancers, the creatives, and each other.

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