For ten years Andrea Boll was one of the artistic leaders of the Hans Hof Ensemble. Together with Peter Kadar she started the dance initiative Bollwerk. Wa(h)rEsGelogen is a critical satire on what is ‘real’. We think that we know and can experience what is ‘real’, but do we, really? Or do we let ourselves be fooled by our passions, urges, needs, and instincts? With absurdity Bollwerk shows together with the educative Dance Company Mu Terminal from Budapest, a mixture of press photos, snapshots, pictures of reality, and constructed art photos. These tableaux vivants drag the spectator along into a roller coaster ride of possible interpretations. Visions of the future arise, gloomy or otherwise, nostalgic stories, naked facts, and adventurous travels. A bizarre and poetic trip through (apparent) reality.

Buy your tickets for the performances on February 12 and 13 thru www.cadance.nl.

concept, choreography Andrea Boll, Peter Kadar | performance Manon Avermaete, Andrea Boll, Peter Kadar (Bollwerk), Adam Fejes, Adam Frigy, Adrienn Hoffmann, Gabriella Plóza (Mu Terminal) | dramaturgy Steven Peters | music Ernst Reijseger | light design André Pronk | technical Loeki Wiefferink | production, business management Bureau Barel, Andrea van Wingerden | Wa(h)rEsGelogen is a BOLLWERK production, in coproduction with Korzo producties, Theater De Regentes, Grand Theatre Groningen, Mu Terminal and Mu Theater Budapest, and is financially suported by Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst, Hungarian National Cultural Founds and Ministry of Hungarian Culture.

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