Dunja Jocic, for years an eye-catching performer with Club Guy & Roni, surprises as a choreographer with startlingly original dance projects and films. Terra Incognita is a physical and interdisciplinary duet, based on the short story of the same name by Vladimir Nabokov. Friends who have escaped to the tropical hell of Badonia try to reach the unknown land of Gurano Hills. The mission, however, proves fatal. Hallucinations blend with the harsh surroundings and the quest pushes the travelers to their limits. Illness and death are just around the corner and friendships burst apart. This visual performance is complemented with the short film Bird by Jocic, in which a young boy is confronted with death for the first time in his life.

Howl is a talk show, a dance performance, and a concert in one. Amos Ben-Tal, choreographer of the collective OFFprojects, and pop-poet Spinvis met each other during the 2015 Oerol Festival. A spontaneous combination of an interview and a dance performance emerged. This original confluence marked the starting point for Howl. A preview of the work was awarded the Dioraphte Prize during the Nederlandse Dansdagen for the performance with the greatest international potential. Now CaDance opens with the premiere of this multidisciplinary gem. Howl is a lively theatre event revealing the versatility of our identity with interviews, special guests, and lots of movement, music, and poetry.

For years Stephen Shropshire has made furor internationally with his athletic and expressive dance language, along with his critical view of contemporary society. For We Are Nowhere Else But Here he sought inspiration in the writings of art critic and activist Edward Said. He cites ‘coexistence’ as the greatest challenge of our time; meaning that different values can exist together without hierarchy. The true acceptance of one another without suppressing the differences that exist between each other. Shropshire translates this idea into the stimulating and poetic performance We Are Nowhere Else But Here in which he appeals to us to relate to one another beyond generalizations and first impressions.

As an up-and-coming top talent, choreographer Marina Mascarell won the prestigious BNG Bank Dance Prize in 2015 and was recently nominated by the dance scene for the Prize of the Nederlandse Dansdagen. She has a unique talent for translating her social commitment into dance in an expressive and poetic way. For Three Times Rebel, Mascarell and her dancers delved into the extensive history of women’s emancipation and was confronted with frustrating structures of exclusion, (symbolic) violence and gender inequality. Prejudice, discrimination and stereotyping are still very much a part of life in 2017. To live music by Yamila Ríos, the five dancers undermine these issues with verve.

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