SOUL #1 Audience is the first in a series of four SOUL performances, in which Jérôme Meyer and Isabelle Chaffaud will go in search of the true essence of humanity.

The first part revolves around you, the spectator. The production is not just made for the audience, but takes the soul of the audience as its subject. Contemporary dance seamlessly alternates with comedy and text fragments from Voltaire. The performers welcome you into a playful debate on philosophical notions and social themes, and radically shatter the barriers between you.

In their tetralogy, MEYER-CHAFFAUD will research different ways of communicating with the audience, entering into a dialogue and giving depth to the conversation. As part of this quest, they organized a series of ‘Creative HUB Exchanges’ to build up to the premiere of SOUL #1 Audience. In these exchanges they continuously asked individual participants what they expect and desire as part of an audience. The answers were as diverse as the participants. The choreographers considered this to be another testament to the beauty of theatre and dance; the audience finds in a performance what he/she –maybe subconsciously- is looking for.

It is now clear to the duo that the current spectator is ready for new challenges. Ready to be drawn into artistic creations in new ways. It is with this thought that they continue their work with the audience today and in the coming years.

As an up-and-coming top talent, choreographer Marina Mascarell won the prestigious BNG Bank Dance Prize in 2015 and was recently nominated by the dance scene for the Prize of the Nederlandse Dansdagen. She has a unique talent for translating her social commitment into dance in an expressive and poetic way. For Three Times Rebel, Mascarell and her dancers delved into the extensive history of women’s emancipation and was confronted with frustrating structures of exclusion, (symbolic) violence and gender inequality. Prejudice, discrimination and stereotyping are still very much a part of life in 2017. To live music by Yamila Ríos, the five dancers undermine these issues with verve.

Jasper van Luijk delved into the life of composer Franz Schubert, who led a tough and short life. But he was also a man who was passionate about society. The central theme of this performance is desire. The desire that can be heard in Schubert's work, his desire for better conditions, his desire for beauty. The desire for what has not been achieved and what might be unattainable. Inspired by this longing, Jasper reflects, together with his dancers and cellist Antonis Pratsinakis, on the life of Schubert. Compositions by Schubert are torn apart and merged with compelling new works by Antonis.

Howl is a talk show, a dance performance, and a concert in one. Amos Ben-Tal, choreographer of the collective OFFprojects, and pop-poet Spinvis met each other during the 2015 Oerol Festival. A spontaneous combination of an interview and a dance performance emerged. This original confluence marked the starting point for Howl. A preview of the work was awarded the Dioraphte Prize during the Nederlandse Dansdagen for the performance with the greatest international potential. Now CaDance opens with the premiere of this multidisciplinary gem. Howl is a lively theatre event revealing the versatility of our identity with interviews, special guests, and lots of movement, music, and poetry.

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